If I want to be a mother, I need to be my own first.

I want to be a mom, but I am not good at boundaries. Ask anyone who knows me. I push the limits one thing at a time, if it’s not getting way too close to a Sea Lion in San Francisco with my younger sister telling me I have to stop, then it's me secretly binge drinking at my Aunt’s wedding when I was under 21 and vomiting all over the stairs of my mom's front porch. I can be a handful. I guess what I am saying is that sometimes moms have to tell us when to stop. I have been thinking lately, that I don’t even know how to tell myself to stop. How will I know how to tell a child to stop? How will I assert a boundary or set a limit with another human who I care about, without crushing there spirit completely. Geez, being a parent sounds hard. Right now I just have to focus on caring for myself, because once I have gotten a little better at that I might feel remotely qualified to have a little human of my own to care for. (Please click on the title to read my entire post)