Bikini Pics and Book Clubs

I have done a lot of shameless self promotion of my weight loss lately, and I am not ashamed at all of that.  I think that social media and the internet should be used to inspire those around us, and ourselves.  I have been working hard on my body and my health, and I want to show others how proud I am.  All the nice comments and support keeps me going, and if I could get one additional smile out of my day, or make one person remember it’s possible to have a lifestyle change, mission accomplished.Screenshot 2017-05-26 at 10.07.27 PM

In addition to getting my body in healthier working order, I have been trying to establish better over all habits.  I don’t know about you, but I work full time, and after a long day at the office I just kind of want to lay around, watch Netflix, and drool- and this is often what happens for me, but I guess lately I have been thinking if I want to have a kind I need to gain some stamina and some wherewithal to endure the demands of a mentally exhausting child,  and that I might as well take the opportunity to explore some of the facets of my brain now while I still have the time and energy.

I know that I personally am not the best to sticking to regimented programs, so when I learned that this book was a sort of spiritual path towards more creativity that involved daily writing exercises I thought to myself I couldn’t do that.  But, I reached out to several friends and friends of friends to see if they were interested, and many already even owned the book, or had worked through it in the past, and I found that sort of connection to be a lovely kismet that I welcome in my hippie, floaty, feely universe.

So I talked to several people about the book and I dragged my feet at starting up the group, but a few of my friends who took me emails seriously started reading the book themselves and doing the exercises, and I thought- wait if they were brave enough, why can’t I be?

The book is The Artist’s Way, a spiritual path towards creativity.  Take a look and if you are interested in joining our rather intimate Facebook circle of going through the exercises, and sharing our experiences in finding our creative voices, then let me know, and I will connect you.

Screenshot 2017-05-26 at 10.12.06 PM

And if this is not your thing, then no worries at all.  I feel alive for the first time in a long time, and I think it’s because lately I have been able to step outside of myself, and kind of see things with a less emotional lens than I once did.  Charlie alone would tell you that even within this new construct I cry at least 3 times a week, but hey progress is slow.  Getting emotionally healthy, and building resilience as an adult is kind of difficult.

Since a lot of the people in my group our aspiring writers, great mothers, fellow artists, and those who may care to express themselves on the topics of wanting to make others proud, mental health practices, creativity, etc, so I might ask some of them to allow me to either interview them, write blog posts about them, or to guest post and share their hilarious stories on mental health, adulting, and parenting.

How do you find ways to connect to others?  What kind of healthy habits do you create to gain psychical or emotional wellness or both?  Do you feel like you need to stay mentally agile?  Do you use social media as a means to connect to others on higher ideas that make you happy, and inspire passion in your life?

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