About the Author

cropped-weightloss.jpgMy name is Bonny Christine O’Neill

I am a 33 year old daughter, sister, partner, cat and chinchilla mother, honorary aunt, kindred spirit, and friend to many.  I am a lover of craft beer and unabashed crazy lady lady.  I sing at my desk even when other people can hear me, and I worry and over analyze things, which I have recently learned is kind of my super power.momz


I am divorced, which I usually mention once per conversation, even though I have a loving partner who is an aspiring chef and a man who teaches me to accept Esports a little bit at a time.


I grew up on the Delmarva Peninsula on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but I have lived in Orange County, California for about 15 years.

I have been told by many that I am one of the funniest people they have ever met.  I had the opportunity to spend a weekend among some friends and many strangers, and by the end of the weekend several people just kept saying “you are so cool” or “your deadpan delivery is just so spot on.”  I don’t know if I completely understood what they meant at the time, but as I have started to find my voice, I realized they liked me because I say things that I think, and sometimes I am super awkward, but once people get to know me I definitely make them laugh a lot and they appreciate the honesty and genuineness.

I have struggled with issues of anxiety and depression since I was in my early teens, and while it has been a long journey, I finally feel like I am gaining some momentum in my life.  The thing that has helped me the most was learning to accept myself, and ultimately laugh at myself on a daily basis.  So for laughter reasons more than anything, I am a self diagnosed narcissist whose therapy is writing down her stories to make both herself and other people laugh.13

I am 33 years old, and just recently started taking more responsibility for my health.  I am about 70 lbs less heavy than I was at my heaviest in life, and getting healthy has certainly been a really important of the growing up and getting ready to have a kid process.

I like long walks on the beach, sisters who scratch my head and look for dandruff, iced coffee black with one packet of raw sugar, taco trucks, any animal that is fuzzy, zoning out and drooling while watching cooking shows, and really long not related tangents that come out of nowhere and pretty much completely derail my writing.12

I had this crazy idea that maybe the internet and social media should be used to show our strengths and weaknesses, and by expanding human connection by being both vulnerable, raw, real, and learning to laugh at ourselves.



Welcome to a glimpse into my brain.  I hope you get to know me as I get to know myself, and I hope maybe we can all get to know each other.