Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Anna and I
My little sister, my heart and my soul

This year I decided the best Mother’s Day present I could give to my mom and honestly myself was to start becoming more emotionally self sufficient, despite my mental health issues which have often tripped me up in the area of growing up and self soothing.

Growing up is a journey I feel like I really just started, but I know I am have been acting responsibly for years now, however having a bit of a different emotional make-up than many people. I struggled with my fair share of depression, anxiety, and now that I have finally come to realize it  hilarity.  Yep, I am both a narcissist and am also hilarious.  I am staring this blog to connect with others out their in similar places in their lives, and mostly to make people laugh.  You can check out more about me and more about the purpose for this blog here.

I dedicate this blog to my mother who always taught me that it was okay to feel my emotions without apologizing.  She always told me that I was strong, smart, caring, and deserved nothing but good in my life, and now that I finally believe it  I think I have some things to share with the world.

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